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Frequently Asked Questions

What is club volleyball?

Volleyball Clubs are private organizations--not affiliated with any schools--that offer organized volleyball instruction and team competition. Generally, they join their regional chapter of the United States Volleyball Association, such as the Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA). The NCVA organizes the leagues (Power League and Area League), the tournaments, and tracks each team’s performance. Most volleyball clubs require players to join the association as they also provide group liability insurance which each gym facility requires as a condition for any group to practice.

How many teams will you have and what age groups will there be?

For the 2010 season, we have teams for the 12, 13(14s league), 14, 15(16s league), 16 and 18 age groups.  We may have more than 1 team per age group if needed, such as 14s.

What is Hybrid Area Program?

There are 2 NCVA leagues, Area and Power. There is a myth that only non-competitive players end up in area league. Eclipse believe that we can balance low time and cost commitment and cometitiveness into a hybrid area program, which we pioneered. Area teams play and practice locally, therefore requiring less of a time commitment.  Eclipse is known for hosting the most competitive area teams in the Bay Area.  Our teams are for girls who want to play club volleyball but do not have the time to commit to a Power team. The Area teams will play in all of the scheduled NCVA Area League tournaments and one other local tournament that includes power teams such as NCVA non-leagues and President’s Day and Great America or Spring Classic Tournaments. Power teams require more of a commitment. They will play in all of the NCVA Power league tournaments and National Qualifying tournaments which require traveling by flights and overnight stays.  They also require more practice time costs more.  Winning is top priority and this high-pressure environment typically makes it difficult to spread playing time evenly across all players. 

What is the club’s mission?

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  • To provide all players with quality coaching and the opportunity to improve their fundamental, offense and defense skills. 
  • To provide exposure to different levels of competition and college recruiters.
  • To provide all players with the chance to have fun, make friends, and gain experience both on and off the court. 
  • To teach values such as dedication, team work, patience and the importance of having a positive attitude.
  • To offer all of this at an affordable price and without excessive demands on time.

How long is the club season?

Our season starts in January and ends in early June.  Tryouts are normally held in early November.  We also host summer camps and fall clinics.

What is the cost to play?

Cost varies each season depending on schedule and age group.  In the past, it has been around $1500 -$1900 all inclusive.  It is well under the cost for playing on a power league.  This fee covers all costs including uniforms, equipment, gym rental, coaching fees, registration, NCVA membership and other misc. costs.


How are teams divided?

By age group and then skill level.  We try to limit the number of players on each team to 11-12 to maximize participation and playing time for each member. Some players may choose teams based on practice locations and coaches.

Where and when is practice?

We practice in South Bay and Peninsula.  Typical locations are Sunnyvale Comm. Center, Castilleja High School, and other schools and community centers.  We practice once during the week and once during non-tournament weekends.  Details can be found here.

What are formats of tournaments?

Tournaments dates are listed under here. They typically are within 1.5 hour driving distance in the Greater Bay Area. No overnight stay is needed for any tournaments. Single day tournaments normally run from 8:30 AM to 5 or 6pm depending results. Mult. day tourneys are normally half days in AM or PM waves. Players will perform line judging and score-keeping duties at tournaments.


What is the history of the club?

A: Eclipse has enjoyed many successful seasons since established in 1999.  During a long road trip to the Fresno Power Tournament with a CityBeach volleyball team, they suddenly realized the potential in creating a new volleyball club that would belong to the Area League but participate in local Power League tournaments.  Eclipse VBC started out with only 2 Area League teams based in Castilleja.  It then grew to host up to 10 teams from schools around the South Bay.  Ten successful years later, Eclipse is one of the premier Hybrid Area League clubs.  Eclipse provides players the opportunity to experience Power League play in an Area League team.  This less stressful and more flexible environment allows us to maximize participation by all team members.

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Recent highlights

Area League - Regionals
  • 16G, Start 19th, finish 13th
  • 16B, Start 1st, finish 2nd. District Champion!
  • 17, Start 9th, finish 3rd.
  • 18, Start 3rd, Regional champion.
  • 13s, Bronze Division Champion!
  • 14G, start 35th, finish 21st seed
  • 14B, Gold Division Regional Champion!







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