To foster the growth of young athletes in the sport of volleyball and life by providing quality coaching, training and competition at a reasonable time and financial commitment.


Eclipse ( 日食排球俱乐部 of Bay Area) pioneered the concept of a "Hybrid Area League Program”.   For over 20 years, we have been providing players the opportunity to experience an elite level of coaching with low cost and time commitment as we promote local competition without travel.

Key pillars to the program:

Eclipse believes that we can balance low time and cost commitment and competitiveness into a hybrid area program.  We pioneered the "Hybird Area" program concept and had tremendous success in the NCVA girls vball league for 20 years, winning Premier (Area) League titles most of the seasons as well as placing highly in large Qualifier events.  

We decided to relaunch the club operations after a pause during the pandemic and serve both the growing local boys as well as the already popular girls communities.

We had a successful inaugural boys 2022-23 club season, surpassing our goals and training a great group of players.  

A few highlights:

Eclipse Accomplishments 

We look forward to expanding our program and continue to serve the local boys and girls youth volleyball community.

Come join the fun!